We are closing down our first season on Sunday, September 30th

Thank You for a Fun First Summer and we look forward to seeing you in the Spring!

Welcome to Elkibou's Sunriver

Relax. Appreciate. Enjoy.

Prairie Schooners, immense beauty, and the circling of the wagons at dinner time were all part of the arduous Oregon Trail experience back in the 1840s and later. Our pioneering forefathers came to central Oregon in their covered wagons, bringing with them not only supplies and tools for a new life, but tools of recreation too. Fanciful stories tell of adventurous families bringing their canoes, snow sleds and velocipedes strapped to their wagons as travel weary eyes became enchanted with the deep blue sky and the vast outdoor appeal of their new home. One hundred and seventy plus years later we still have the occasional sighting of overland travelers strapping canoes, kayaks and family mountain bikes to the top and tailgates of their family “suv wagons” as they trek overland highways to Bachelor and Sunriver. Hearty souls they are indeed.
Elkibous Sunriver covered wagon
Elkibou’s Food Cart Park in Sunriver is a reflection of those simpler times, when families circled the wagons in the evenings, gathered around the chuckwagon, the community fire, shared food and laughed at exaggerate stories of “the one that got away”. A great time and a great way to bring to a close their perfect day. Elkibou’s is not just a park with food but a place to gather with a hint of a touch of yesteryear.

The perfect end to the perfect day.

Elkibou’s in Sunriver.

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