When one thinks of an Elkibou herd, visions of giant mountains, meandering deep blue streams, and enchanted forests with magical sparkling trees spring to life. Rarely seen outside of the distant northern North Pole, most Elkibou are quite happy mingling with forest friends, but not Gus.

Gus, a 7 year old Elkibou, dreams of leading Santa’s sleigh some chilly Christmas Eve. Only one small problem, a minor bump on the road to this lofty goal, you see, Gus is afraid of heights! It is said he is so afraid of heights that he closes his eyes when he is asked to stand tall. “No worries,” he exclaims, “I can ride along in the front seat of Santa’s sleigh with my seat belt securely fastened!” Problem solved.

Each day after school Gus proudly wears his goggles and flying scarf as he prepares for that day to come. Mom and dad smile and say, “Some day Gus, some day you shall ride in Santa’s grand sleigh.”