Sunriver has a number of excellent established pubs and restaurants. We all personally know, enjoy and support these businesses. Elkibou’s game plan is to bring in new types of delicious culinary delights prepared by local chefs that enhance the Sunriver experience.

Food Carts

Bruneaus South Philly Cuisine

Bruneau’s South Philly Cuisine is a food cart which serves authentic, mouthwatering Philly Cheese Steaks and Traditional Greek Gyros in Central Oregon. Established in 2014, Bruneau’s has served tens of thousands of sandwiches with consistent five-star reviews.


My passion for creating nourishing, healthy, and comforting specialties runs deep. Growing up, both of my parents were well versed in culinary skills; my dad’s skills always shone on special occasions while my mother is Italian (that should speak for itself!). Our house was the hub of social gatherings, always centered in the kitchen. As soon as I could reach the counter, I was part of the preparations, and I loved it! Since then I have ventured down many different career paths, from computer generated design to Forest Conservation work, all while cooking for my growing family of five. Good food is all about family, love, and enjoyment, and I’m happy to welcome you to my kitchen! I hope you enjoy our eclectic menu featuring local ingredients in delicious snacks, sandwiches, salads. Joy for all palates!

Maya Padilla moved to Italy in her 20’s when her Guatemalan father was appointed as Ambassador. She traveled throughout Europe and soon realized food was her passion. Her Norwegian mother also played a huge role in her culinary training. At the University of Maryland, she got her degree in Journalism and moved to Guatemala to become a freelance foreign correspondent for NPR and CNN. As a resident of Bend for 16 years she started a family, and in winter she travels to the Caribbean to work as a chef on sailboats. Now the proud owner of Guacamayas, she plans to infuse her passion of Latin cuisine for the community with the new Elkibou Food Carts in Sunriver. Guacamaya means macaw in spanish, and this colorful cook is ready to spread her culinary wings and fly!

More Food Cart Details Coming Soon!

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